Engaged Encounter is an opportunity to be involved in ministry as a couple. Not only will you be helping engaged couples, you will also strengthen your own marriage. How? You will be around other couples who, like you, place a high priority on healthy marriages. The community is like a second family to each other. You will also have opportunities to enrich your marriage through participation on future weekends, enrichment weekends and district and national conventions.

A History of Engaged Encounter in the Diocese of Knoxville

CEE began in Knoxville in 1991 with 14 couples making the weekend. There were two weekends that year, three the following year, four in 1993, and the ministry expanded to five weekends in 1994. In 1995, CEE presented six weekends per year, averaging 20 couples per weekend. This represented approximately 50% of Catholic marriages in the diocese. Over the past several years CEE has presented four weekends per year.  We can not expect to reach all engaged couples without growing our community of committed volunteers.

How Can You Become Involved?

We are always interested in getting to know couples who want to be involved. We need help in presenting and hosting weekends, preparing the supplies and more.

A host couple provides administrative support during the weekend and may be called upon to care for a presenting team’s infant child while they are giving their talks.

For those who are willing to be presenting team, you are gently guided during the writing of your talks by an experienced couple to fit the time constraints of the weekend.

Accommodations for the host couple and the presenting teams are provided by the Knoxville CEE community. These weekends provide the presenting and host couples a time to renew and enrich their own marriages in addition to sharing their stories with the engaged couples.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Knoxville Engaged Encounter at:

Richard and Leslie Consoli
Paul and Pam Shaffer